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2010/11/05 【狂賀】張學孔教授指導吳奇軒博士候選人及林芝旭碩士榮獲「第17屆ITS世界年會」最佳論文獎

張貼者:2012年7月12日 凌晨12:52Wei Lu   [ 楊婷茹 已於 2014年8月27日 上午10:37 更新 ]
論文名稱:Analytical Evaluation of Innovative Taxi Operation and Service

摘要:The most common taxi operation service is conventional cruising randomly around the city to search for passengers. Because of de-regulation policy, over-supply and high vacancy rate have caused inefficient operation and low performance in taxi market. Therefore, this paper aims to create an innovative operation service and evaluate the environmental benefits compared with the conventional cruising services. It is shown that innovative dispatching service can have a 4.35 billion USD of energy saving per year in Taipei Metropolitan. Numerical results have also shown other external effects of innovative dispatching service, including less air pollution, traffic accidents and traffic congestion.