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S4C_Speaker’s Information

n  Plenary Session 1

l   Manfred NEUN  

       S4C and COP 21 – Challenges, Achievements and Perspectives for the Evolution of Cycling (PPT)

l   Tien-Pen HSU  

     Challenge for Cycling City (PPT)

l   Peter COX  

       Senses Matter: Spaces and Experiences of Cycling (PPT)

n  Plenary Session 2

l   Eric BRITTON   

       The Five Phase of Transportation

l   Zane McDONALD  

       A Global High Shift Cycling Scenario (PPT)

l   Dirk LAUWERS  

       Biking Policy 2.0: Driven by a Changing Mobility Culture – The case of Flanders, a Regionin Belgium (PPT)

l   Hsin-Wen CHANG

       Cycling Society, Cycling Behavior and Culture :From Bicycle Tourism toward Cycling Paradise (PPT)

n  Parallel Session 1A

l   Lake SAGARIS 

       Rethinking "Sustainable" Transport as Bike-Bus Modal Integration (PPT)

l   Andrzej ZALEWSKI   

       Active Mobility In The Cities And Urban Areas In Poland (PPT)

l   Rory McMULLAN 

     Public Transport and Cycling - Cycle-Rail, The UK experience (PPT)

l   Francis PAPON 

     Bicycle Public Transport Integration: a case study in France (PPT)

l   Heike BUNTE   

       International Cycling Conference 2017 ICC ’17 Mannheim – bridging the gap between science and practice (PPT)

n  Parallel Session 1B

l   Xiao-Hong CHEN

      How to Keep Balance between Green and Safety, Equalityand Tolerance (PPT)

l   Martin HELD

      Pedelecs: Potential for Active Mobility (PPT)

l   Jeroen De MAEYER

      The TGVelo Project: New Quality System for Electric Bicycles (PPT)

l   Wayne GAO   

       Reducing Density of Personal Vehicle Using SharedApproach - Critical to Maximizing Space for Cycling & Walking in City (PPT)

n  Parallel Session 2A

l   Yu-Ting HSU  

     Addressing Demand-Supply Imbalance of a Bike Sharing System (PPT)

l   Lloyd WRIGHT 

       Financially – Sustainable Business Models for Bicycle Sharing (PPT)

l   Keroum SLIMANI  

       Public Bicycle Sharing System in Lyon- France Success Factors of effective launching (PPT)

l   Yang BIAN  

       Characteristics and Challenges of Beijing Bike-sharing System (PPT)

n  Parallel Session 2B

l   Chiaki MIKUNI   

       Japanese Bicycle Policy and Current Status in Case of Kanazawa City (PPT)

l   Jen-Jia LIN  

      Developing Bikeway Network Design Problems (PPT)

l   Thomas JOUANNOT  

       Why it is safe for a cyclist not to stop at every red traffic light (PPT)

l   Hans De BACKER  

      Geometric design and classification of bicycle paths (PPT)

n  Cycling Research Needs for Asia

l   Summary of the Parallel Sessions

u  Nan ZOU

u  Mark MAJOR

u  David POO

u  Peter COX

l   Panel and General Discussion


u  Leszek J. SIBILSKI

u  Kevin KRIZAK

u  Wayne GAO

n  Concluding Remarks

l   Jason CHANG

l   Manfred NEUN